Big brooding skies with a strong concentration of light and dark are a trademark of Jessica. She uses a wide array of paint mediums from sprays, enamel to oil. Paint is applied by hand, brush and knife. Freedom of expression holds no bounds. 
The last 20 years has seen Jessica painting professionally.Now working in her home town of Bollington in her open studio/gallery.In that time she has sold prolifically and has been commissioned by many notable collectors. Jessica is a widely exhibited artist and her works hang worldwide. 
Jessica lost her father at the age of sixteen; life was never to be the same again. Her life whilst her father was alive was heading towards an academic end to which her father, her inspiration and motivator guided her. His passing changed that direction towards the path she leads today. Painting is her meditation, as she works with every ounce of emotion that fills her. She never plans the painting she simply lets it evolve from one to another. The work doesn’t come from a sad place however, more a celebration of uncontrollable events that fill each and everyone one of us and that are constructed in her medium of choice, that of paint on canvas. These are her landscapes, her seascapes, for your escape.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the paintings seen or to discuss commissioning your own special view.


Jessica:07576 038339  
northern-scapes, Unit G1a Adelphi Mill